Is a career in massage therapy right for you?
Why a Career in Massage Therapy is Right for You

If you’re looking for a rewarding, hands-on career that empowers you to alleviate stress and pain while earning a good wage, you should consider becoming a licensed massage therapist. Massage therapists use the healing power of touch to restore, relax, and rejuvenate their clients, and can make a real difference in people’s lives. Here are […]

Trending barber styles
Barber Styles Now Trending

With the world opening up a little more, you’re going to need to know what barber styles are now trending. It’s safe to say that wanting to look good and rock a signature hairstyle is not gender specific. It’s true. Guys are just as interested in looking good as girls. Fortunately, there are tons of […]

Tips to Build Your Social Beauty Brand
Tips to Build Your Social Beauty Brand

It’s no secret that social media can help you build your brand, no matter what industry you’re in. When it comes to building a beauty brand, it’s not only a powerful tool to getting your brand noticed, but also practically essential. To help you stand out and get noticed, we’ve rounded up our top tips […]

6 Tips for Keeping Long Hair Healthy
6 Tips for Keeping Long Hair Healthy

We know that the struggle of keeping long hair healthy is real and tips are always appreciated! If you’ve been growing out your hair for what seems like forever, the last thing you want is for it to look dry, damaged and unhealthy. You can make those long locks you worked so hard to get […]

What is an electrolysis and laser technician
What is an Electrolysis and Laser Technician?

Wondering what an Electrolysis and Laser Technician is? Are you in a constant battle to get rid of unwanted hair? Waxing, shaving, plucking – ugh! It’s not fun and you’ve probably thought about finding a more permanent solution. Maybe you’re interested in a future helping others with hair removal. Either way, you may be wondering […]

How to Fight Insomnia
How to Fight Insomnia

Do you have a hard time sleeping and constantly fight insomnia, tossing and turning for hours without falling asleep? We all know how important sleep is to function properly in life, but sometimes we just can’t achieve it. Whether you have too much adrenaline, anxiety, or racing thoughts, not being able to close your eyes […]

The Rise of Females in the Barbering Industry
The Rise of Females in the Barbering Industry

We are loving the rise of females in the barbering industry! As we start another decade in the 2000’s, girl power is definitely still going strong. Women have infiltrated just about every male-dominated profession out there and BTW – they’re rocking it! It’s not just typically male dominated industries like law enforcement or the military. […]

New year New beauty career
New Year, New Beauty Career

Ready for a new year with a new beauty career? It’s safe to say that the past year has been filled with challenges for a lot of us out here trying to make dreams happen. The beauty of ringing in a whole new year is that you also get to ring in a whole new […]

Photo of female in front of Top 5 Virtual Holiday Party Makeup Tips Sign
Top 5 Virtual Holiday Party Makeup Tips

Looking for some virtual holiday party makeup tips this year? Let’s face it. The holidays are going to be different this year. We probably won’t be glamming up for the annual office holiday party or planning that big night out to celebrate the New Year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate and still look […]

5 ways to fight frizzy hair
Five Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair

Looking for ways to fight frizzy hair in the Florida heat and humidity? You’re not alone in your battle! Trying to tame the tangled mess can put a real damper on your summer fun. It’s time for you to put away your bad hair day hats because we’ve got a few secret weapons to help […]