Career Choices for Makeup Artistry

If you love doing makeup, learning about makeup techniques, and making people look their very best, you should consider turning that passion into a career in makeup artistry. You may be wondering, what career paths are available for a makeup artist? Fortunately for you, there are many jobs available for someone with your talents and skills.

Bridal Makeup Artist

Today, most brides hire a makeup artist to do their makeup, and also their bridesmaids’ makeup on their big day. Once you’ve done a few weddings, you can create an online portfolio of your work, and market yourself within the wedding industry. This career gives you flexibility, so you won’t be working a 9-to-5 schedule and you’ll have the control that comes with being self-employed.

Salon or Spa Makeup Artist

As a spa or salon makeup artist, you may get booked for formal events like weddings and proms, or you may be asked to work your magic to help someone look their best for date night or a makeover. You can also promote and sell specific makeup brands to help your salon and spa.

Film or Theater Makeup

Whether you love the idea of doing makeup backstage at a Broadway show, TV production, or movie set, this is a fast-paced and challenging career option. Theatrical makeup artists do more exaggerated makeup, often making people look older, using prostheses, adding scars or bruises, and more. You can also move towards special effects (SFX) makeup, turning people into monsters, aliens or fantasy creatures. This is a competitive industry to break into, but if you have the skills and determination, you can get there.

Beauty Writer/Blogger/Influencer

If in addition to your passion for makeup, you happen to be a great writer, there are a number of beauty writing positions out there perfect for someone like you. You can write blog posts, magazine articles, or even become a social media influencer, testing and reviewing beauty products, showing makeup techniques, and sharing your knowledge with others. While you may have to do this on the side when you start, if you diligently work hard to build an audience, advertisers and other beauty companies may eventually come to you to review or mention their products.

Retail/Brand Makeup Artist

In this position, you often help sell a particular makeup product line or brand, whether in a mall, salon, or other location, by performing makeovers and teaching consumers how to use makeup to help them play up their best features. You’ll have to know a lot about the products you sell, understand different skin types, and be friendly, confident, and able to teach people tips and tricks of the trade.


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