Top Career Choices for a Barber

Becoming a barber is a noble pursuit that lets you use your creativity, artistry, and personality to make a living doing something you love. Celebrity School of Beauty’s Barber Program can prepare you to become a licensed master barber, and where you go from there is up to you. Here are a few career options you can choose as a licensed barber.

Self-Employed Barber

Being a self-employed barber means that you have the freedom and control that comes with owning your own business. Whether you want to open your own barbershop, rent a booth at an existing salon, or operate out of your own home, you’ll be able to set your own hours, services, prices and build your own clientele from the ground up.

Barber Instructor

Once you’ve mastered the craft of barbering and gained some real-world experience, you may want to share your knowledge with others by working as an instructor at a beauty school. You’ll likely need some additional teacher training, but then you’ll have the opportunity of serving as a mentor to future barbers and pass your skills on to your students.

Barbershop Owner/Manager

As a licensed barber, you may choose to start your career working at an existing barbershop. As you gain experience and leadership skills, you may have the opportunity to become a manager, where you’ll be responsible for hiring and managing other staff and help with running the business. If you really enjoy the business side of barbering, you can work towards owning your own shop or even multiple shops!

Hair Product Representative

As a barber, you’ll work with many hair products every day. If you enjoy learning about new products, teaching others about them, and have a way with sales, you may be able to work as a brand representative. Having a barber’s license and an outgoing personality will give you a jump start into this career path.

Freelance/Event Barber

Maybe you’d prefer to do barbering as your side hustle. If so, becoming a freelance/event barber may be right for you. You can cut hair for wedding parties, theatrical events, fashion shows and other short-term jobs that give you experience without taking up all your time. You’ll likely have to do some advertising, networking, or work with an agency who can help you book work.

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