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Look at you – stepping into your future! It’s never too soon to prepare for the road ahead. Our Career Services team is here to help you make the transition from student to professional.

We want you to succeed! You’ve got the talent, skills, and passion – so let’s show you off! Our Career Specialists are dedicated to helping you prep for life after school. We’ll work closely with you to provide the real-world guidance you want to snag the career of your dreams. We may not be able to guarantee employment, but we can stand in your corner and show you the ropes.

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We’ll help you write and develop your resume, provide invaluable professional advice, and fill you in on things like professional appearance. We’ll also cover job interview skills so you can enter any room with confidence. And when the time comes, our Job Placement program will help you use these skills to find the career that’s right for you!

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