Your Beauty Story Starts Here

Pick your passion! Gain shear confidence with Cosmetology or get the skinny on Skin Care! Whether you’re focused on nails, makeup or any one of our other specialty programs, Celebrity is in your corner. Ever wonder why some schools cram their curriculum with stuff you’ll never use? So do we! That’s why our programs only focus on what you’ll use in your career. We’re about success, not wasting time.


Want to get paid AND do what you love? Our Cosmetology Program will help you live your dreams by training you in all things hair (treatments, coloring, cutting, styling, etc.). We don’t stop there. We go beyond the basics. You’ll also learn hair extensions, esthetics, waxing, makeup, and nails.

Nail Technician

Creating fabulous nails is truly an art. Our Nail Technician Program teaches you about manicures, pedicures, nail extensions (including traditional and cutting-edge techniques), and more. It probably goes without saying, but you’ll get hands-on training, too.

Makeup Artistry

Do you love the way makeup can transform someone? Our Makeup Artistry Program will show you how to channel your inner artist to enhance your clients’ natural beauty. You’ll learn the art of makeup AND fundamentals of skincare and hair removal.  


Ready to blend one of the oldest professions with cutting-edge techniques? Our Barbering Program will train you to use your artistic skills while being groomed to become a Master Barber. We’ll cover shaving, hair cutting, styling, and more through hands-on experience.

Skin Care

You know how important skin care is. Help others achieve radiant complexions by becoming a licensed Skin Care Specialist through our Esthetics Program. Makeup and eyelash extensions? Covered. Hair removal services, chemical peels, and facials? You bet. You will even get Dermalogica® certified.

Massage Therapy

Is your heart in helping others? As a licensed Massage Therapist, you’ll have the power to literally touch people’s lives! From traditional massage techniques to hydrotherapy, this program covers it all. We’ll go through the different massage modalities including stone massage, body contouring and slimming protocols, Ayurveda, spa therapies, and more.

Full Specialist

Looking for a future with multiple opportunities? Our Full Specialist Program will train you on manicures, pedicures, and nail extensions, but take it even further. We’ll also cover topics like hair removal, salon management, and skin theory – and that’s just a few of them. Dual license opportunity in Florida.

Advanced Esthetics, Massage & Bodywork

You really CAN have it all through our Advanced Esthetics, Massage & Bodywork Program. You can earn three different licenses and get Dermalogica® certified with this program that takes you above and beyond the basics. From skincare to advanced esthetics, to massage therapy and spa body treatments, this is Celebrity’s most comprehensive skincare and wellness program yet!

Electrolysis & Laser Technician

Unwanted hair. We’ve all been there. If you’re ready to help others with hair removal, our Electrolysis & Laser Technician Program covers electrology along with laser and light-based hair removal that will train you for your new career. We even offer a dual licensing opportunity for those who want more!

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