The Rise of Females in the Barbering Industry

We are loving the rise of females in the barbering industry! As we start another decade in the 2000’s, girl power is definitely still going strong. Women have infiltrated just about every male-dominated profession out there and BTW – they’re rocking it! It’s not just typically male dominated industries like law enforcement or the military. Women are bringing it and bringing it well, from the boardroom to the barber shop. Women barbers, you ask? Umm, yeah. The rise of females in the barbering industry is real and if you’re wondering why – keep reading. 

A feminine approach

Maybe not so surprising but a lot of men enjoy less manhandling and a more feminine approach to their grooming needs.

Guys like to talk too

The beauty salon has a legendary reputation for also being a place you can get behind the chair counseling or just plain old entertaining gossip. Seriously, who better to trust your deepest secrets than the person holding scissors above your head? Men like to talk. Female barbers might fit the bill better for a guy who can’t imagine talking about girl troubles with a burly barber who is all business.

Women got skills

Women often start their training as hair stylists, which means they’ve got a wider repertoire of creative techniques to draw upon. Men want to look good too, so having a female perspective to help you choose the right look can be a powerful motivator for more men to sit in a woman’s chair versus a man’s.

Freedom and more freedom

It’s no surprise women are flocking to barbering when working as a barber gives you the ability to control your own schedule in a big way. If you’re a guy’s girl and enjoy being around men, this might be more appealing than working in a typical salon.


The good news about the barber industry in general is that there’s room for everyone! So, if sculpting the heads and faces of men everywhere sounds like a great way to earn a living, check out the Barber Program at Celebrity School of Beauty. Celebrity’s Miami and Hialeah campuses are training the next generation of talented barbers and you can be one of them! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour.