Ace that Beauty Career Interview: Tips to Impress 

You’ve mastered the skills and have the talent and creativity to succeed in the beauty industry – now all you need is a job! Hair stylists, skin care specialists, barbers, nail technicians, and other beauty professionals are in demand. Here are tips to ace your interview to pursue your dream of working in the beauty industry.

Build a great portfolio

While you’re attending an accredited beauty school such as Celebrity School of Beauty, be sure that you’re documenting your best work and posting the pictures to your Instagram account or your own portfolio site. Make sure your photos are high quality, well-lit, and highlight your talents. Prospective employers may seek out your portfolio prior to your interview to get a feel for your work.

Create a resume

Create a simple one-page resume that showcases your training, skills, and includes any work experience (even if it’s not in the beauty industry). You can go the extra step and find resume templates online that offer visually appealing look to your resume so it stands out from the crowd.

Research ahead of time

When you do get an interview lined up, research the salon or spa where you are going – check out their website, social media pages, reviews, and more so you understand what services they offer, who they cater to and what they are known for. Also see if you have any connections with anyone who works there to put in a good word for you.

Prepare for common questions

Prepare for common questions that you may be asked in an interview by thinking about and practicing your responses ahead of time. Some common questions include:


  • Why do you want a career in the beauty industry?
  • What makes you a good candidate for this job?
  • What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to work for us?


Remember to always be positive and to focus your answers on how you can bring value to the salon instead of what’s in it for you.

And more!

Other helpful tips are to be yourself (friendly, confident, quirky – if that’s your vibe), look your best (remember you are trying to get a job in the beauty industry), and to follow up with a thank you note or email.


The best way to prepare yourself for a beauty career is to get the training you need to become a licensed beauty professional. Celebrity School of Beauty offers a range of beauty training programs including CosmetologyNail TechnicianSkin Care and more. With flexible schedules and hands-on training, Celebrity is helping students like you successfully launch their beautiful careers. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our admissions department.