Tips for Keeping Your Hair Healthy Over the Summer

Summer is the time to relax, enjoy some fun under the sun, and turn up the heat! Unfortunately, all that sun, sand, salt, chlorine, heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it dry, fried, frizzy and damaged. Here are some tips to keeping your hair healthy all summer long.

Get a Trim

Fun fact: Your hair grows faster in the summer! If you want to keep it looking it’s best, schedule regular haircuts to be sure that you’re getting rid of those dead ends that are ready to split. You may also want to ask about getting a good conditioning treatment, both before and after the summer, to maintain those healthy, glossy locks.

Keep Your Cool

Whether it’s heat from the sun or from a blow dryer, curling wand, or straightening iron, heat damages your hair. Use sun protectant products or leave-in conditioners when you’re spending the day outdoors, or grab a stylish hat or scarf before venturing out into the sun! Try to let your hair dry naturally, and skip the hot tools if you can. If you must blow dry, let your hair air dry most of the way first, and just blow dry at the ends. When using hot tools because you have no other choice be sure to turn the temp down to between 320 – 350 degrees (no need to fry that hair) and use a heat protectant.

Defeat the Frizz

Frizz is caused when your hair is dry and damaged (hello, summer) and humidity makes it worse. The outer layer of your hair tries to suck moisture from the air and it swells up – causing frizz. To prevent this, use hydrating shampoos, condition like crazy, prevent friction (avoid towel drying hair and sleep on a silk pillowcase), and use anti-frizz products using oils or silicones which coat strands and build a barrier to keep humidity out.

Be a Beach Babe

Don’t let your hair ruin a good dip in the pool or the ocean. Dive right in! But first, soak your hair in cool water, and then coat it with a hair mask or deep conditioner. This will prevent chlorine from damaging your hair or turning it green, and it will also keep salt water out. Once you’re done with your swim, rinse hair thoroughly. If you swim in a pool often, consider a shampoo especially made for swimmers that gently removes chlorine.

Be Gentle

If you’re usually pretty tough on your hair, summer is the time to give it a break. Skip all the chemicals, hot tools, overprocessing, teasing, pinning and pulling. Avoid over-washing (sometimes you can just condition) and when you do shampoo, look for gentle ingredients, and rinse with cool water. Use a soft old t-shirt or a hair towel to dry your hair with less damage.

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