Social Media Tips to Help Build your Beauty Career

Looking forward to starting a career as a beauty professional? Social media can help! Promote yourself and your salon or spa by creating an active social media presence on the platforms you think your potential customers use the most (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat or TikTok). You can reach a large audience for free, drive traffic to your salon, and attract new customers. Here are some social media tips to help you build your beauty career.

Share Your Best Work

Today, many successful people in the beauty industry use Instagram and other social media platforms to showcase their online portfolio. Ask your clients’ permission to take their photo after you’ve worked your magic and share the dramatic results online. People scrolling by may see their ideal haircut or color and seek you out. Your portfolio can also help you when you are looking for a job.

Be Yourself

When posting to social media, be sure to let your true personality shine through. Share your stories, passions, and your journey to becoming a beauty professional. When you are authentic and honest, people are much more likely to connect with you, and to give you their business.

Post Valuable Content

Think about the information that your followers would find most valuable and share your expertise with them. For example, your followers might appreciate learning how to best treat damaged hair, or what skin care regime is best for oily skin. This will help establish you as an expert and help you gain people’s trust. Skip the sales pitch and aim for being educational.

Engage & Inspire

Create posts that people want to engage with. For example, post an inspirational photo of a new hairstyle and ask “would you ever consider getting a cut like this?” Questions and polls are a great way to draw people in and encourage conversation. You can also post memes that include motivational quotes or positive vibes, keep your beauty and wellness posts uplifting.

Share the Love

Let your clients speak for you. People trust other people’s opinions of your services more than anything you can say yourself. If you have positive reviews or client testimonials online, be sure to share them regularly. Word of mouth advertising is priceless!

Keep At It

Finally, if you want to grow followers and not fall off anyone’s feed, you must post to your social media platforms frequently and consistently. Consistency is key. Set aside some time every day or plan ahead to post cool new content, respond to comments, and to engage with your followers.

Let Us Help

If you want to embark on a new career as a beauty professional, Celebrity School of Beauty can put you on the path to success. With flexible schedules and hands-on training, Celebrity is helping students launch beauty careers every day. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a consultation with our admissions department.