Five Ways to Fight Frizzy Hair

Looking for ways to fight frizzy hair in the Florida heat and humidity? You’re not alone in your battle! Trying to tame the tangled mess can put a real damper on your summer fun. It’s time for you to put away your bad hair day hats because we’ve got a few secret weapons to help you keep your hair game strong all year long. Yes, even in south Florida!

Cool down

You first need to start with your hair! A go-to stylist trick to fight frizzy hair is to give your hair a cool rinse after shampooing. Hot water opens your cuticles and can leave hair frizzy. This can lead to flyaways. A final cool rinse closes up the cuticles, eliminating frizz in the process.

Chill out

Along the same lines, when you’re blow-drying your hair, be sure to dry your hair down to the roots. Hair with even a little bit of dampness is an invitation for frizz to join the party! Be sure to dry your hair in a downward position to keep your cuticles smooth. Finish by blasting your hair with cool air by using the cool setting on your blow dryer. The cool finish will help set your style and keep the frizz at bay.

Get a little snippy

With scissors, that is. Snipping your ends on a regular basis will keep your hair healthier and prevent split ends that also lead to frizz.

Silk pillowcases are your BFF

Invest in a silk pillowcase and we promise you won’t be disappointed! Not only is the fabric “silky” smooth, this particular fabric has multiple benefits. Silk pillowcases help prevent frizzy hair, tangles, and bedhead, whereas your current cotton pillowcase tends to snag your hair and turn it into a tangled mess overnight.

Say yes to help

By help, we mean using a quality heat spray to protect your hair from all the hot tools and the elements. There are so many great anti-frizz serums and anti-humidity sprays that can give you that extra frizz protection you’re looking for.


This summer, when all else fails, give your hair, and yourself, a break! Let your hair dry naturally without using a flat iron or blow dryer. If you’re one of those people who love all things hair and style, maybe a career helping people have one good hair day after another is right for you? At Celebrity School of Beauty, students are getting the hands-on experience to help them become the next generation of cosmetologists in the beauty industry. Check it out for yourself today by contacting us or take a tour of either our Miami or Hialeah campus. This is your opportunity to become a part of the future of beauty!