Dolphin Skin? What it is and how to achieve it.

Dolphin Skin? What it is and how to achieve it.

The hottest make-up trend today is “dolphin skin” a fresh, “just emerged from the water” look that’s shiny, glowy and dewy. You can’t get on Instagram without seeing many examples of this radiant trend, which is perfect for spring and summer. Learn how to achieve the luminous look and get ready to make some waves.

Start with Skin Care

It’s important to have a clean and smooth canvas for your pearlescent glow, so start by getting rid of those dulling dead skin cells by exfoliating, either with a physical scrub or a chemical exfoliant. A night-time retinol cream is a great start. Also be sure that your skin is getting plenty of hydration, with a quality moisturizer, and always wear a daily SPF lotion to protect that beautiful face of yours.

Prep for Success

Since dolphin skin is all about that wet look, there’s no such thing as too much moisture. There are a wide range of moisturizing masks, oils, creams and serums that can help you prep your skin and make it ultra-smooth, soft and glowing.

All About that Base

Now, it’s time to apply your base. Avoid anything matte; instead try a luminous primer and hydrating foundation for a radiant look. Add some cream blush or bronzer for a pop of blendable color and you’ll be well on your way to dolphin perfection.

Hit the Highlights

The highlight of getting dolphin skin is the highlighter! Go for sheer, creamy, natural-looking highlighters for a reflective look, and please, skip the glitter. Then highlight the areas of the face that would naturally gleam in the sun, such as the bridge of the nose, the brow bone, the temples, the tops of the cheekbones and your chin. Still not as dewy as you want? Top everything off with a light coating of clear balm or gloss to give you that dolphin-like shine.

Beautify Your Future

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