Curtain Bangs! How to Rock This Trending Style

Curtain bangs are the one of the biggest and best hair trends of 2021. Why? Because they look great on everyone, work with any face shape, emphasize your eyes, and are virtually effortless to maintain. They also can flatter any hair style, from straight sleek looks to shags, beach waves to tight curls. They’re also super cute with a high ponytail or messy bun.

What are Curtain Bangs?

In case you haven’t heard, curtain bangs are shaggy, longer bangs that frame your face perfectly. They tend to be longer on the sides and get a bit shorter towards the middle. These are not the straight across bangs of yesteryear as they are less precise and more playful. You may want to start with bangs with edges that are long enough to tuck behind your ears. Some stylists recommend bangs that graze your cheekbones to play them up and highlight your eyes.

Why are Curtain Bangs Trending?

Curtain bangs are ideal for those that fear the commitment and maintenance that come with traditional bangs. These are long enough that you can pin them back if you want, and growing them out is easy if you change your mind. Since they are layered, they blend right in. You don’t have to keep getting them trimmed every few weeks to keep them looking great and there aren’t those awkward stages that come with regular bangs. Plus, they are so darn cute! Celebrities have all successfully rocked this style in 2021.

Should I Try Curtain Bangs?

Absolutely! Even if you’ve had regular bangs before and hated the work that went into them and that painful growing-out stage, you have nothing to fear here. They can help minimize a broad forehead, draw attention to those gorgeous eyes, make your cheekbones more pronounced, and just give off a more relaxed, fun vibe. Google or check out Instagram for the latest tips and styles to rock those curtain bangs. You’ll see a ton of great variations, choose the photos that you like best and share them with your hair stylist. Fringe is in!


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