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Pick your passion! Gain shear confidence with Cosmetology or get the skinny on Skin Care! Whether you’re focused on nails, makeup or any one of our other specialties, Celebrity is in your corner. Ever wonder why some schools cram their curriculum with stuff you’ll never use? So do we! That’s why our programs only focus on what you’ll use in your career. We’re about success, not wasting time!



Looking to become a licensed cosmetologist? Celebrity’s Cosmetology program to the rescue! Our combination of lecture and hands-on experience keeps it interesting. Naturally, you’ll learn all about hair (treatments, coloring, cutting, styling, etc.), but our Cosmetology program also covers skin care, esthetics, makeup application, and nail technology. ALL of the fun stuff. Interested in managing your own business? We even have courses for that!


Nail Technician

There’s no denying it – one look at a well-manicured hand is enough to boost anyone’s confidence. So, why not be the booster? This program will provide the skills you need to become a trained nail tech. You’ll learn about manicures, pedicures, and nail extensions, including traditional and cutting-edge techniques. It probably goes without saying, but you’ll get hands-on training, too.


Makeup Artistry

Do you love the way makeup can be used to take same ol’ same to stunning? Ditto. Our Makeup Artistry program will show you how to enhance your clients’ natural beauty. And, really, who doesn’t want that? Of course, we’ll train you in the art of makeup application, but you’ll also learn the fundamentals of hair removal and skin care. After all, you’re no one-trick pony! From teens to men and from photography to weddings, when we’re done with you, neither skin nor setting will slow you down!



Ready to blend an ancient profession with cutting-edge techniques? Stick with us and we’ll groom you to become a licensed barber. Sure, you can just take a little off the top, but we go beyond that. This program teaches “The Art of Barbering”. That’s just our fancy way of saying we’ll cover shaving, hair cutting, and styling. Through hands-on practice and lectures, we’ll provide the tools if you’ll provide the passion.


Skin Care

If becoming a licensed Skin Care Specialist is your thing, then step right up! As a student in our Skin Care program, you’ll learn all about the epidermis. Products and equipment? Covered. Hair removal services and facials? You bet. We’ll even go over skin disease and disorders and how to treat them. We combine hands-on practice and lectures so you’ll get the skinny in a stimulating way!


Massage Therapy

Is your heart in helping others? As a licensed Massage Therapist, you’ll have plenty of ways to do just that! From traditional massage to hydrotherapy, this program covers it all. We’ll go through the different massage techniques and other allied modalities (like stone, sports, and chair massage, lymphatic drainage, and more). Ever wondered where it all began? You will learn about the history and benefits of massage, along with its wellness and clinical uses. Stick with us and we’ll provide the tools so you can make a difference!


Spa Therapies

Decisions, decisions. If your passion can’t be confined to just one area, let it soar! Our Spa Therapies program may be the perfect fit. We provide advanced training in multiple areas like skincare, makeup, nail care, body treatments, and hair removal. Talk about being a know-it-all (but in a good way)! You’ll learn the skills to pursue whichever avenue you choose. Esthetician? Makeup Artist? Spa Therapist? These are just a few of the many career paths available to Spa Therapies grads.


Full Specialist

If your passion doesn’t stop at the hand, give our Full Specialist program a try! Like the Nail Technician, we’ll train you on manicures, pedicures, and nail extensions, but the Full Specialist program takes it one step further. We’ll also cover topics like hair removal, salon management, and skin theory – and that’s just a few of them. Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Skin Care Consultant… how do these careers sound? As a Full Specialist grad, you’ll have these options and more!

A laser technician performing photoepilation on a woman's legs.

Electrolysis & Laser Technician

If a future working in a multi-billion-dollar industry sounds good, our Electrolysis and Laser Technician Program offers all that and more! Get trained in permanent and semi-permanent hair removal techniques including electrolysis and laser epilation, along with fundamentals of esthetics, anti-aging protocols, and facial treatments. This program offers a dual licensing opportunity in Florida as a Facial Specialist and Electrologist. You could also be eligible for a scholarship!