How to Fight Insomnia

Do you have a hard time sleeping and constantly fight insomnia, tossing and turning for hours without falling asleep? We all know how important sleep is to function properly in life, but sometimes we just can’t achieve it. Whether you have too much adrenaline, anxiety, or racing thoughts, not being able to close your eyes in peace can be a problem. That is why we want to offer you some tips that can help make a difference.


Essential oils have long been used to deal with various health problems, including insomnia. One of the best known oils is lavender, due to its’ delicate and relaxing scent that can help with rest. Whether you put a few drops on the pillow or breathe them from your hands, lavender is a great ally when dealing with insomnia.


Do you take a bath before bed? You may be surprised at how relaxed you feel after soaking 15 minutes in a hot bath with plenty of Epsom salt. This combination will help eliminate toxins from your body that prevent your nervous system from being ready for rest. Don’t forget to apply the previous tip and add a few drops of lavender in your bath. Not only will it smell delicious, but the heat will help you better absorb the essential oils, enhancing their effects.


It is proven that a good relaxing massage can do wonders in life. When was the last time you enjoyed one? It is probably time for another. Don’t forget to combine it with aromatherapy including lavender, rose, sandalwood, orange or neroli oils. Add some hot stones to loosen up those tense muscles too! A good massage is undoubtedly an excellent alternative to relax and want to go to bed early.


We hope these tips help you improve the quality of your sleep. If you like helping others with problems such as insomnia, exhaustion, muscle aches and beauty, we invite you to check out the Therapeutic Massage program at Celebrity School of Beauty offered on our Miami and Hialeah campuses. Why not have a career helping others while doing what you love to do? Contact us today!